one chance (look at her)

My phone is acting up.


For some reason, I have a bit of iffy luck with phones. I don’t want to say bad luck, because one man’s poison is another man’s flourishing phone business, but, let us just say, I actively contribute to the technological imports industry of our nation.

This particular one is my third phone this year, and it looks like I might have to get a new one, because my phone is acting up.

Every time I take a picture, or try to Snap, it switches off. After it switches off, 20% charge goes. Then if Wifi is on, or if I am using mobile data, a full charge will last less than an hour.

This week, it’s pulled those stories for hanging in the middle of making a phone call. It just starts buzzing, then it switches off, and that is that.

Sigh. I don’t know what I did. I don’t know if it is me – I mean, smartphones aren’t Nokia 3310s, and I know that, but surely dropping it a couple of times doesn’t mean it goes kaput? *wails

I updated the software, it has a cover, natsin. So I may have to, get, another one. ANOTHER ONE! *say in that voice you know you want to say it in

So even if I take it to the repair centre, see, they are still going to have to keep it with them for a spell, and then I won’t have a phone, see? Catch-22 nininini.

The point of this post is that, when you can only take one photo a day (or not at all) it kind of narrows down the shots you want to take, because you will not have a chance to take more. You get ONE shot. One chance. And this made me pay attention to the Rusinga Festival more, but document it much less – it felt like I had a camera from back in the day, when you only have 24/36 shots to take and those are supposed to last you two weeks, or a month even.

How do you pick one? Just one shot?

You just pick.

That shot is the one up there.

Happy holidays.


p.s. My SEO ninio is telling me ati ‘The page title is too short. Use the space to add keyword variations or create compelling call-to-action copy.’ Compelling call-to-action copy? I think my blog overestimates what I am trying to do here…he. If I could see my blog the way my blog sees itself. Compelling call-to-action copy. Start a revolution. Ya.

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