Is it bad to wait to die?

My sweet, My love, Dear heart, My heart – not mine. It doesn’t belong to me any more and I’m not sure if it could belong to you, seeing as you don’t want it. I find myself unable to jump off the building to stop the madness to end it all. My mind refuses to […]

Film: Spectre

Spectre wasn’t Skyfall, but it wasn’t awful. #24 in the franchise isĀ about Bond’s past comes back to haunt him and he goes on a journey to track down a ghost. There are explosions, and there are cars, and there are women. Classic Bond (I think they’re done with that Heineken sponsorship dealĀ – didn’t see a […]

Film: Skyfall

sighs in ecstasy I watched Skyfall yesterday. I was one of the first people in East Africa to do so. I am so glad I am a blogger! Lol. Yo. Y’all do not even understand how good that movie was. It was funny. It was somber. It was action-packed. It was sexy. It was… It […]

Food: Urban Coffee

It takes a combination of balls and stupidity to open up your coffee/cafe thingummy right next to a franchise that has been doing what you are trying to do for years. This is either chutzpah, or you are dumb. I am yet to decide. Urban Coffee is at Capital Centre, the corner before you turn […]

So I am excited about Skyfall.

HAPPY BOND DAY! I thought I would take this opportunity (Bond Day) to express my extreme excitement over the next entrant into the Bond franchise (note the alliteration). Bond is 50 years old today (the franchise), and I thought we would have a look-see at my favourites… Ah, Sean Connery. They could not have picked […]

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