On the word FUCK

Guess what?

This post has cussing.

😀 Also, is a rant. So the sense level, might be, you know, maybe not as up there as I would like. And I’ve had an emotional evening. So, yeah.

I just watched the Game of Thrones episode where the Mountain (Queen Sersei’s champion) fights Prince Oberyn (Tyrion Lannister’s champion) (emotional evening). Needless to say, I cussed a lot when it was over. I also hit the rewind button once – just once – to see if what I saw was what I thought I saw.

I then went on Facebook (because what is FB for, if not to NOT spoil everything on every show out there) to express my shock and horror, and my post started with “FUCK.” then proceeded to “SHIT.” and then to just…onomatopoeic sounds about my emotions.

The first comment on this status was “Wow, so many four letter words. Ladylike?” I felt a sigh welling up in my soul; a deep, bone wearying sigh about why this is still something that people are talking about and indeed; why this is distracting me from onomatopoeing about GoT.

I thought about whether or not to write this post or not, because the person who read it is probably going to read it.
But then I remembered that I don’t give a fuck, and even if I do, I shouldn’t. #fakeItTillYouMakeIT YOU CAN’T GO THROUGH LIFE CARING ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE THINK.
Unless they’re your mom.

1. It was nice to be able to mourn GoT in peace. For all of 2 seconds.
2. Ladylike. What does that word mean? Does it mean not allowed to cuss? Because if being a lady means not being able to cuss, then I am ok with that. If I can’t say DAMNIT really explosively when I stub my toe, then obviously, it’ll never heal. This is clearly life and death.
3. Seriously, though. Who determines what that word means (the word ladylike, not the word fuck)? Is there a board or something? Is it a word whose definition can be decided by societal obligations/OPoP (OtherPeoplesOpinions)? And why? Could they at least possibly have vaginas so we can discuss it from a point of knowledge?

I don’t know.
I do not think, however, that anyone but the lady should be deciding what the word ladylike means to her.
I also think that situational awareness is important. Like, I’m not going to be screaming ‘YOU PUNKASS BASTARD!’ in front of my dad (at the screen, of course). But on MY Facebook account…yeah. I’m all up in it.
My brother always says I cuss too much, and I’m like…yeah. Yeah I do. Is it going to be a problem, or…
But it’s taken me way longer than it should to get to this point and I’m exhausted to be a rent-paying adult still explaining herself. If you’re going to like me, I’m going to cuss a lot around you so you can make an informed decision about our friendship/Twitter following status et al.

So at this point…FUCK IT.


6 thoughts on “On the word FUCK

  1. Martin owes us an explanation for some of his actions. How the hell do you create a character so likeable like the red viper then kill him that quick?
    In that case FUCK him too.
    or like the Hound says, BUGGER him too.

  2. Finally caught up, now I know why the books in A Song of Ice and Fire are classified under 'high fantasy', GRRM must have been stoned while writing, the bearded bastard.

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