Film: Black Mass

Now, on the basis of being in love with Johnny Depp and everything he does, I’m already biased towards Black Mass. Johnny Depp plays a Bostonian mobster with a convincing accent who goes really rapidly from a small time racketeer to a big violent boss. Based on a true story, it tracks exactly how he […]

Film: Spectre

Spectre wasn’t Skyfall, but it wasn’t awful. #24 in the franchise is about Bond’s past comes back to haunt him and he goes on a journey to track down a ghost. There are explosions, and there are cars, and there are women. Classic Bond (I think they’re done with that Heineken sponsorship deal – didn’t see a […]

Film: Beasts of no Nation

Beasts of no Nation is one of the best movies I have watched this year, hands down in my top two of the entire year. No one else has beaten Mad Max just yet and to be honest I don’t know if they can, Star Wars notwithstanding. The movie follows a young boy -Agu – […]

Film: DOPE

Dope wasn’t as dope as I thought it was going to be, but it’s good. This is a movie about Malcolm and his two best friends, Diggy and Jib, and their adventures, so to speak, as three geeky senior year teenagers consumed by hormones in a school with unsympathetic bullies who eventually end up dealing drugs […]

Film: Trainwreck

I think Trainwreck was a train wreck. And this isn’t just because they touted it as a movie from the guy who brought you Bridesmaids (which, surprise! I didn’t like either) but also because I thought it was so comedically flat. It’s like they told Amy, hey! Write a movie! And she was like, I’m […]

Film: Hot Pursuit

What a waste of all my time. Hot Pursuit is a silly movie that clearly shows that Reese Witherspoon has almost no comedic acting chops (and she did used to – it’s quite sad, really) and Sofia Vergara is finally making really bad choices in her career. However, unlike Witherspoon, Vergara can still make a […]

Film: The Age Of Adaline

For me, Blake Lively is the Keira Knightley of our generation. Not particularly gifted acting until older age comes upon her, but at least a pretty face. Sound harsh? Maybe. I never paid attention to Miss Knightley in Pirates of the Caribbean. Everyone – including the barely talented Orlando Bloom (nonetheless, I love him as […]

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