Film: Black Mass

Now, on the basis of being in love with Johnny Depp and everything he does, I’m already biased towards Black Mass.

Johnny Depp plays a Bostonian mobster with a convincing accent who goes really rapidly from a small time racketeer to a big violent boss. Based on a true story, it tracks exactly how he took over Boston, with a crime network that extended to Florida by partnering, so to speak, with the FBI.

What I loved: the cast and the acting. The acting of course was fantastic, because Johnny Depp, Benedict Cumberbatch, Kevin Bacon. So that alone for me was marvellous.

What I didn’t like – there were too many lulls in the movie with great potential to fall asleep. And I wasn’t convinced that Depp was an actual mobster. I didn’t see any real prolonged evidence that made sense to him being this bloodthirsty mirthless killer until they read out his rap sheet. Was the real story this boring? Ah. And so many things about the loyalties people have to gangs doesn’t make sense to me but that has nothing to do with the movie (why would you follow a guy to the detriment of your entire life? How does that make sense? Just…why? Even during Narcos I was confused. Why would you do this to that many people, forgetting that you have wives and children yourself? Makes no sense.)

6 and a half from me. Not the greatest movie, but still a good one with great acting (Cumberbatch’s accent is so hilarious but somehow not entirely implausible. His mouth is so small lol). Watch it in the digz on a torrent, lol.


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