Film: Batman vs. Robin

I just watched Batman vs Robin, the animation. It has been a while since I have watched anything DC – and by a while, I mean Throne of Atlantis, which made me actually respect Aquaman lol (that, and Khal Drogo – erm, Jason Momoa, acting as him in the next movie. We can try and […]

Film: Snow White and The Huntsman

So, Snow White, fairest in the land, evil stepmother, dwarfs, poisoned apple, blablabla. You know the drill. The best thing about this movie, the absolute best, is the soundtrack. It’s freaking fantastic. It has been a while since I heard a soundtrack and actually wanted to buy it (and to date, I still never have, […]

Film: Prometheus

This review may have spoilers. I haven’t decided yet. I will warn you when I do. I am easily convinced to go see movies, especially those that have a hullabaloo preceding them. (ah, marketers. I AM your number one sucker.) So I went over to Sarit (an old and achingly familiar haunt) to see if […]

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