Film: Batman vs. Robin

I just watched Batman vs Robin, the animation. It has been a while since I have watched anything DC – and by a while, I mean Throne of Atlantis, which made me actually respect Aquaman lol (that, and Khal Drogo – erm, Jason Momoa, acting as him in the next movie. We can try and excuse him for that slight slight to Marvel, no? No? He probably hasn’t read the comics. No?).

Batman stories are always a little dark. Maybe that’s why he’s my favourite super hero. He’s super flawed and super human. And arrogant. And bull headed. All the things I like in a man. I kid. But seriously, he is very human, in a very human city, which is why the stories are always a little horrifying lol.

The movie begins with him and Robin (Damien Wayne) trying to stop a really creepy bad guy known as the Dollmaker who (kills?) children so that he can make them dolls of death – basically, weaponry that can protect themselves against the world. Robin is having difficulty not killing people who he thinks are too evil to live (ah, the story of my life) and in the process of struggling with that, he meets a chap called the Talon, and that’s where the whole story begins (Talon has some seriously weird bosses. The whole movie, really, just gets weirder and weirder. Villains. Honestly.)

Robin! Was interesting to watch. I know everyone hated Batman and Robin (including Chris O’Donell, who was Robin) but that Robin has always been my favourite rendition of Robin. Pretty boy, and flexible. What more could a girl ask for? This Robin is a lot like his dad – stubborn and a know-it-all, but loveable for his flaws just the same. Ati he is 10 years old. Whaaa…? Seeing this Robin made me really miss Young Justice, though. Are they really never bringing it back? sigh

Nightwing. I have a soft spot for Nightwing, even when he appears in YJ, because he’s the guy who got out from his dad’s wing (see what I did there?) and started his own sh*. Nicely done. And I dig the costume (which actually looks a lot like an X-Man. Which one am I thinking of? To be fair, there’s only so many costumes you can make for the 5 million superheroes who exist. Only so many ways you can make black and blue look new).

There are two plot points I didn’t understand. I don’t get why a, Talon was going after Batman, because he was not even a threat anymore, reaaally, past a certain point. His motivations were a bit confusing for me.

Then there is a scene towards the end where Alfred goes into a boiler room type room and I saw a Joker playing card. I was like…wait, what? What did I miss?

What did I miss, guys?

The movie was pretty good. An hour 20 minutes long, slight cussing and hints of boobs. Beeewwwwbs. I give it a 7 and a half out of 10.


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