Series: Man Seeking Woman

With Jay Baruchel, Eric André, Britt Lower, Vanessa Bayer.

Don’t like this series.
It is showing on FFX or something. I don’t even…

Anyway. I don’t usually like stuff that Jay Baruchel is in (This is the End was one of the worst movies I watched last year. Ugh. The beginning and the end – ha – were good but eeeeeeeverything in the middle was just unnecessary. Rihanna, what kind of horrific career choice was that???) (you too, Kevin Hart) (you too, EVERYONE in that movie) so I should have known that this would be no exception. Based on a book, the series is about a guy who gets dumped by his girlfriend and then can’t move on but has to, the usual.

In sickly slapstick fashion, the acting is ok, but the stunts and theatrics go over the top, venturing into the fantastical (there’s a troll in the first episode. Trust me, that’s not a spoiler.) and inane.

Ok I’m clearly biased, but if you like that kind of stuff (you and Rotten Tomatoes, apparently), go right ahead. I’m bored. Might watch the second one to give it a chance, seeing as I hated Silicon Valley when it started but it improved significantly by the 8th episode. Where IS Silicon Valley, actually?


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