Film: The Imitation Game

(there’s a GOT S4 spoiler at the end of this, so if you haven’t watched it, stop after the first 7)
starring the man wit the biggest voice for the smallest frame, Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley, who, it would seem, is finally growing up. And putting on weight. All win!

Now, just a quick ode to Mr Benedict. He’s so cute in an I’m a child way and then his I’m a white Morgan Freeman voice – to die for! It makes you wonder about your paedophilic tendencies if you think he’s cute (no, seriously. The guy looks 12) But Star Trek Into Darkness changed my life and he was simply beautiful in it and I approve of ALL his acting choices (in the hope that he won’t pull a last few Denzel movies, man. I did like The Equalizer, though) and interviews on the Graham Norton show (please, please, please look for the one he did where he does the Beyonce walk, and his celebrity impressions, tagged in a previous review post. Such good acting. Such a cool guy. I luuuuuuuuuuu you papi! Ati one of the names for his army is Cumberbitches. pwaahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha *rolls over dead*)

(Another quick ode to Martin Freeman. Loved him in The Hobbit. And thus JUST started watching Sherlock because of him and Bennie)

And Keira! Good job! Hated you in Pirates and now here you are with an Oscar nomination. Such growth. Such weight. So proud.

So The Imitation Game is based on the true story of math genius Professor Alan Turing, who is credited for having come up with the basic layout of modern day computers and all that sciencey stuff. He was hired by the English Government to interpret a code called Enigma that the Germans were using to pass on all their information on who they were bombing etc in the Second World War with a team of cryptographers.

This is their story.
(that line was purely for dramatic effect. Can you tell? hehehe)

…the story of how they cracked the code, Turing’s life, how the War ended (though we all know how it ended, but why it ended, and how marvelous his contribution to it was).

This is a good movie. It has an Oscar nod, even, for many things (still shocked at Keira, honestly. ANYhue). Benedict is in prime form. And you know who else is in this? Chap from Downton Abbey whose name I don’t know in real life…the guy who was the Scottish (?) last born’s hubby. He was good too. AND Tywin Lannister! Who may be destined to play the very same scary character till someone else kills him, haha)

Up next, Man Seeking Woman.


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