Series: Empire (Season 1 Episode 6)

I was feeling a little hot after this episode aired! What! I need chips (as a cure for everything in life, of course. Fuck a diet, a dollar and a dream – Derek Luke is on Empire! *squeals*)

So I know I’m late (HA!) but g2g was having issues and I only just saw the episode literally 10 minutes ago. I think this is my favourite episode, after the first one, for so. Many. Reasons.

1. The music is improving! Yaaaaas, Timbaland! The music in the last 4 episodes hasn’t been anything to write home about. I mean, What is Love, that heartwrenching piece from the bald girl in Ep 1 just topped everything; Jamal and Hakeem make an absolutely killer team, and it was beginning to look like they couldn’t do anything good without each other, and Tiana is basically eye candy. Drip Drop was ok, you know? Body like a weapon bang bang bang etc was catchy. It definitely was NOT What is Love. Jamal…nothing he has done has moved me to look past his whining. BUT! Hakeem, snivelly spoilt brat that he is, has produced a gem in this episode (his diss track to Tiana), Jamal’s love song I wanna love you was just inspired – by maybe a little Neyo when Neyo was really good? A little John Legend? MM. SO TASTY. And I like the rock thing with Elle Dallas (Courtney Love). I’m waiting to see where this is going. It’s a yes from me.

2. I have understood that I need to stop judging Empire. Yes, it is an over the top series. But it is MEANT to be over the top. That’s how they’ve played it, and unlike Power, they are doing it well. The casting, guys – everyone really fits their roles (except the extras – that football player was some bullshit) and Taraji shines in a sea of diamonds. Like a diamond. Napenda Taraji. (see what I did there?) Napenda Taraji especially akivaa hizo maNINI. (I gotta say, I don’t know why Miss T keeps Portia around. That obvious plothole is going over my head)

3. New faces. I AM HERE FOR IT. I am here for Miss Colourless Raven Symone (my comp doesn’t have the apostrophe. Or rather, I don’t care enough to look for it) playing desperate baby mama. I am HERE for DEREK LUKE who can SECURE ME ANYTIME HE WANTS. LAWDY. Someone was made in THE PERFECT image of the Lord. Last time I saw that tasty man was in The Americans and I was just as distracted as I am now. I. AM. HERE. FOR. HIM.

Excuse me while I go wipe – uh, download another episode.


5 thoughts on “Series: Empire (Season 1 Episode 6)

  1. We have a problem here. It's partly of my creation since I'm reading your blog at work but it's too bloody hot to work today. Anyways, the office nannybot won't let me comment on the porn post. So you have a porn comment on your series post and non-porn post reading series post loving readers will probably have a fit when they come across this comment here so I would like to register my sincere regret at the shame and humiliation that they will feel upon reading this comment.

    People who know titles of porn movies are…special. People who sit through the talky parts are doubly special. Everyone rushes to the doing it part. At least I do. Clothing in a porn movie is a travesty. Unless it's 6 inch heels, then it makes a lot of sense.

  2. LOL.
    Thank you for the disclaimer.
    Do you think that Blogger will shut me down? Is that considered explicit content?
    Stop reading me at work. How else will you buy me stuff?

    Porn titles are tricky for me. Just porn, generally.

  3. And now for a comment about the actual post 🙂
    Yesss Derek Luke! The chemistry between Taraji & Terrence … amazing. Empire is what happened after Hustle & Flow.

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