Picking fights

I’m not the most confrontational person in the world, but I am very stubborn. This doesn’t work well for me in life, because as much as I do not want to fight, I’m not going to let stupidity continue (unless, you’re , like, family…or I can lose my job. Though I don’t have a job. So I don’t care anymore. Hehe). It’s like that clip of – can’t remember which comedian, I think it is Sommore – where she is like when you take weed and drink, they are drugs that are opposite of themselves – drinking makes you want to fight everyone and weed wants to chill (or sleep. Or laugh). But then the weed is making you say things that could start a fight…I think I am getting this stand up wrong – the more I think about it, the more it sounds like Kevin Hart. THE POINT IS, stubbornness and passive aggression are difficult for me to live with. At the same damn time.

Thus, I am terrible at picking which battles to fight. Everything feels like a fight to me, mostly because I am hyper aware of my passive aggression. I don’t want to be a doormat, so I tend to overreact to make sure my passive aggression isn’t making me underreact. You know – he grabbed my arse! Break a bottle over his head! – but he genuinely didn’t mean to – in fact, he’s your cousin – lol. Type of situation.

(I feel like I’m rambling. Let me get to the point)

There are some battles that I thought I was done with. I spoke about itand have spoken about it – exhaustively.

The Hair Battle.

It just keeps coming up. I don’t know why.








(whether on pubes or hair hair)

The other day, my best friend’s sister started on me about how I need to go to the salon. Her folks have done this before – her mother has offered me a pair of scissors repeatedly – but they’re ancient. It’s understandable.
She launched into a diatribe of how unacceptable I look. And then she said I look like a street child.
With a straight face. As I sat at their dining table. In all my street child hair glory.

I gotta admit, my feelings were a little hurt.
Not a little, I’m blogging about it. So not a little.

A street child?
Is this offensive because it is untrue and she clearly knows no street children?
Or is it that…nope. It’s that.

I asked her why it bugged her so much…she said because I looked unpresentable and no one would hire me.
Ironic, seeing as I haven’t lived with my parents for 3 years. So clearly people ARE hiring me. WHY is it that people still haven’t come up with newer excuses for saying the tomfoolery they say? These are arguments I’ve been hearing for far too long.
So I told her that clearly the only reason she wanted me to do my hair was because it bothered her. And maybe I would, if she came up with a better reason. Like, not rewaxing your dreads gives you cancer or constipation.

Guys. Leave the natural haired people alone. Leave their choices alone. Leave your patronization at the door. These choices were made by an adult for an adult. Why is this so hard to understand?
To be fair, humans are really bad at leaving people who don’t agree with them be.

I shouldn’t be surprised.
But I may have to punch a bitch.
OR, shave shit off in her sleep.
goes to an electronics store


2 thoughts on “Picking fights

  1. I know we're usually on the same page on most stuff but honesty is important so allow me to come clean. I laughed like an idiot when I pictured you seated being told that you look like a street child. Unfortunately, I wasn't laughing with you. Also, it's clear that you're not laughing. That was really funny.

    Anyways, people have very real issues with other people's hair which is something I don't understand. I should think about this more and maybe it will come to me. It's ok to stitch plastic hair on your head. It's ok to have dead people's hair shipped thousands of kilometres to have it plastered on your head. It's ok for animal hair to be worked into your scalp. It's ok for you to burn and chemically alter your hair to the point it's unrecognisable as African hair. It's not ok for you to leave your hair as God made it and be happy with it as it is. Why should men rush to cut their hair the second it's longer than a quarter inch just because it's unpresentable and unprofessional if it's too long? Why should women go to ridiculous lengths to lie about the make up of their hair. I find this sad. And stupid.

    But someone saying you look like a street child. That's incredibly funny.

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