I Need to Stop!

When did life and people become so complicated?

I just watched a movie that made me rethink everything I ever do with my phone.

I’m on my phone ALL the time. More or less, unless I am making a physical effort to engage with the people I am with. I’m shit at multitasking, and yet I have managed to deceive myself that I can talk and whatsapp at the same time. I really can’t. (I also shouldn’t drive and whatsapp at the same time…and yet, I do it on a daily. I really need to stop)

Anyhue. I’ve even made a career out of being on my phone the whole time. But I think I’m going to relax on that phone story a little bit. I’ve been trying to actually – Wolverine used to complain constantly about it, and I didn’t realize what a shit person (slash robot who is always on their phone) I was being until it was being done to me.

I hate it when people are talking to me and looking at their phones. What happened to looking at my boobs? They’re RL, you know. (Real Life) But I do it all the time. And I need to stop.

Also, did we see that? I have BOOBS. Look at those, for Pete’s sake. Or my face. Or my mother’s eyes. Anything but my phone.
It really is antisocial networking. OMG I’VE SPENT HALF OF MY LIFE ON MY PHONE BUILDING ONLINE RELATIONSHIPS AND IGNORING THE ONES IN FRONT OF ME. I’m sorry mom lol jk but seriously. Gaaaaah.

Maybe it just becomes more complicated when there are feelings attached. I have always said true friendship is when you two can sit in a room and just be on your phones without talking because you don’t have to – which is basically saying, a, you don’t have to work at a relationship anymore because it is already pretty much built, and b, comfortable silences have been replaced with the sound of tapping keys – but is it really?

Look at my face. I’ll look at yours because it’s beautiful and life is beautiful and we shouldn’t be looking down all the time.

It’s rude.


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