I am beginning this year with a bit of trepidation. Under normal circumstances I am not good with change. I would much rather my life remains more or less the same, though let me tell you, I was really hoping to win that 100 million shillings LOTTO had up for grabs on New Year’s Eve, but alas. Not today.

I am nervous about this year, but I am trying to be hopeful about it. I am trying to speak positively and let each day come as it will. I am trying to not imagine that everything is better on another side of the divide; and I am trying to also remember that whatever changed in my life before, I have gotten past. In another week, or a few months, or another year, some things don’t seem so bad after all. And where you are is where you are meant to be and there is happiness in that moment. There are good and bad things, fortunately, about everything.

I start this year with hope. And as a friend wished me today, maybe some clarity will come along the way.


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  1. Hey Akello!!!!!!!!!!!!! am discovering you today,l have read through your articule “hope” and stupid children and being a parent am thrilled.yaani what you say is truth with homour……keep the good work coming

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