Looking for Light

I went to find beauty today, and it found me on a cold, misty road in Tigoni – after we almost got lost, of course. We were at Kentmere Club. Did I mention that it was cold as hell? It was cold as hell. Refer to picture above. Look at that. No warm fuzzies whatsoever. […]

The darkness and the light

1 It’s dark outside and no one can really hear you cry. You don’t even know you’re crying until the sharp weight on your chest makes you sit up, and a tear rolls down your cheek. Fucking period. But you know it’s not the fucking period. It’s the man next to you. You hold your […]

The Strange

1 So strange, how before the light of the newness fades you still look into my eyes like I contain the secrets of all planets, all universes¬† then as the eclipse passes I become just another star 2 It’s strange the things one remembers when unhappy You would think the memories would be black and […]

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