I am beginning this year with a bit of trepidation. Under normal circumstances I am not good with change. I would much rather my life remains more or less the same, though let me tell you, I was really hoping to win that 100 million shillings LOTTO had up for grabs on New Year’s Eve, […]

Number 1.

I hope that one day the skies part and golden spills out every morning, onto your pillow and wakes you up with the quiet of sunrise. And I hope that every night when the moon’s shadow kisses your careworn cheek, you remember to spare a thought for your favourite woman and kiss her back. But […]


I have no time to be lied to by you.

I have no time to be lied to by you.  If you want me, want me, fiercely, wholly, under a thick spotlight of truth.  If you need me, say so, often.  If you want forever, then fucking commit.  If you want our dreams to be ours, forge them with me with magic and the harsh […]

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