Here is how it happens.

Here is what happens when people take each other for granted.

At the beginning all is love and roses, skipping through sunflower fields, until commitment checks in and you think no one can leave.

And since you think no one can leave, you feel like you’re entitled to everything that the other person is choosing to give you, every day; that the kisses are yours and no one else’s, that the affection and endearment is automatic.

You think you deserve them, when in actuality, no one deserves anyone, because deep down, we are all truly horrible beings. And choosing to put on your best or worst every morning to be with this person is a truly superhuman feat – because love, is superhuman.

And so, because they ‘can’t’ leave and you feel like you ‘deserve’ them, and they ‘chose to be here, after all’, you start treating them like an accessory on a counter top, there when you need to blend or chop or strain, but otherwise just that – an accessory.

You get comfortable.

And then love and roses wither and die.

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