It’s hard out here for a pimp.

Being a self published author is a bit like being a whore. You work long, hard nights, sometimes unprotected (from the distraction of social media). You wonder when the disease of writer’s block will hit you, if it hasn’t already, stifling any other books you may or may not have left in you – you […]

I thought I told you

I’m not the normal needy girlfriend; I thought I told you this before. I’m the one who’ll panic when you don’t text me back in an hour, automatically thinking you’re dead and how the hell am I going to tell your mother. I’m the type who will be cut too deep every time you say […]


Here is how it happens.

Here is what happens when people take each other for granted. At the beginning all is love and roses, skipping through sunflower fields, until commitment checks in and you think no one can leave. And since you think no one can leave, you feel like you’re entitled to everything that the other person is choosing […]

If you

If you leave me, I’ll  tear a hole in the sky so large it’ll never stop raining on the world.  If you ever walk away, I’ll  follow you until you have to run from me, till my feet start leaving bloody tracks behind my heart that’s trying to catch up with yours. If you break […]

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