Film: Solace

The first movie I watched this year was Solace. Yes. I’m just as surprised as you are. And, I STILL haven’t watched the new Star Wars movie. I am STILL stuck on Episode V. So, give me time.

Solace features Anthony Hopkins, quite possibly my favourite villain of all time (I love and fear him at the same time – his ability to act like someone who can give you nightmares and then be someone who can give you nightmares – it’s kind of fucking amazing), playing a psychic (yup!) who is helping the police catch a serial killer; police played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan (NETFLIX HAS WEEEEEDDDSS!!!!!!!!) and Abbie Cornish ( who I thought was Katherine Heigl at the beginning).

I enjoyed this movie. It was a good way to start the year. Now, to be fair, I am biased greatly because of Sir Hopkins, because I love him in literally anything he does so take that into consideration. I wasn’t loving Miss Cornish though (who is also a rapper, go figure), but everyone else was up to par. The serial killer was slightly predictable, acting-wise, but I didn’t mind that either. The plot? Fun to follow, like a good psychological thriller should be – with a good twist. I would give this movie a strong 8. He made me want to be or know a psychic. I’m just like…long live Sir Hopkins. Viva viva Hopkins. Gotta love him.


pic from teaser-trailer.com

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