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If you are anything like me, (which really, you should be. The world needs more mes. HAHAHA) you spend most of your money on food. That being said, I will share with you my list of favourite places to eat in town, or not, or their specialities…or not…or maybe not even town…um. I think I will start with my least favourite. Ok maybe I won’t. The last one is my favourite, though. Also, I pick town, because it is central to most people. Yes?

Also, this is gonna go on for a bit. disclaimer

  1. The Mug. (across the road from Lornho House, the back entrance to Pasara, right next to the back entrance for 20th)

Aaaah, they used to have the BEST penne pasta in town. ( I say in Town because we are not talking about Mediterrano, outside town. Yes?) Also, I am soooo not a cake person, but their cakes, I would break a diet for. A friend of mine says they have too much butter, but this isn’t her blog, is it.) Their lemonade and burgers were also ON IT. And there are very few burgers I like in this our town. (Even the Sierra burger I was like…meh. It wasn’t FANTASTIC. And…dare I say it?…Almost…too much meat. Closes parentheses)

Alas, I will never go to the Mug anymore,more,more. It has skinny sulky waitresses at the door, door, door, who do not smile when they serve you and leave before you finish your order. ALso, they increased their prices by 100% in the space of a week (one week, the penne ws 450, the next it was 780. That’s 100%. Right?)

  1. Savanna. (Loita Street)

Someone needs to tell these people that their prices do NOT correlate with their food. Today was the first time in many that I can remember going to Savanna and having good service. I had the Mexican Chicken sandwich (which was actually pretty good, but as I left, I met someone telling me their food is awful. I was afraid. Very afraid.) In fact, the only thing I can be sure of in this place are thier mocktails. Big Pants to bespecific. And, they make them differently in each Savanna. Erm…wtf??

  1. Rayan Restaurant. (across from the back entrance of Gilfillan House next to I&M)

Ah, the diamond in the rough. dude greets you as you walk in. Service is quick, efficient and with a smile. All the food that I have had there, I like. The catch is, you will wait for it for an hour. I kid you not. But, but, but, they tell you that you will wait (unlike The Mug, which shall no longer be patronised). I like it. (and everyone with me seemed to like those milkshake ice cream cocktail juice thingies that are, like, juices, some green ones, topped with a scoop of ice cream. I couldn’t do it.)

  1. Gari Restaurant. (Kenyatta Avenue next to the Bata)

:o) I like Gari. It is simple, always has seating space, and not because it is unpopular. The service has never really been awful, and the food comes quickly enough (and in large enough portions) that you forget. (which reminds me. When you order a meal at Rayan, the place in number four, I recommend you split it with someone else. No one at the table finished their meal alone. You order one chicken meal it looks like 4 chicken met their death that day. I swear it on their sumptuous chicken teriyaki.) Their mashed potatoes SUCK BALLS, though, but the manager is oh so nice, and takes criticism, oh so well. It’s a yes for me.

  1. Chicking. (next to Bruce House across from that Babylon Casino thing)

I don’t go here anymore either. The seats and big screen tellys and aircon are timam, though.

Chicking, when I used to love youuuu…it was 350 for a chicken burger, a soda and fries. I went through the fire for you…and now your prices are hiked. 600 for the same thing now, how do you expect this to work. How? I realize that I just don’t love you…not like I used to.

  1. Dormans. (the one across from the Java on Mama Ngina Street)

I NEVER go here anymore.I only used to go here for their exceptional milkshakes (which I still think are theee best) but then they hiked their prices (by kedo 20 bab :D) and it was easier to go somewhere else for the same thing although a fraction less tastier BUT in a bigger (I AM Kenyan) glass (coughJavacough). I hate thier food. I don’t like the decor. I’m not a coffee person (this would count, because apparently their coffee is superior), so…basically, there is no reason to go to Dormans. For me. I mean the service is ok, burram…cannibalism is illegal, so…

  1. Ankara. (on General Kago Street across from City Hall

Went there once for their cheap pizza offer. Cheap pizza is what you get. It was very edible, though, so I went back. They raised their prices (wow. For a blessed genius I sure am wallet driven. shrugs Sue me.) and i was like shiiiii. Your pizza ain’t thaaaat good. moves on swiftly

  1. Debonairs. (the one on Ngong Road next to Uchumi)

Their pizza IS that good. I once went on a Twitter rampage because of some false advertising they did (it’s in a post on this thing somewhere) and they sent me a free one. Awwww. :o) I really like their pizza, but I always order in because I have no odea about anything else, so. In fact, their pizza is only second to Hong’s Pizza (which is next to Yaya, so is disqualified from this list, but dude. I love watching the chef make your food. And it’s chill, and a ka-nice spot for a quick pint…ok, ok, I digress)

  1. Steers. (the one on Wabera Street)

Crap ice cream (which used to be good when they had that 40 bob offer on Sundays, remember? Ooooh, like Harvest Pizza. Love their ice cream, haven’t had their pizza in a minute). Mediocre food and service. Mediocre decor. They should change their name to…yup, you guessed it.

Should I cut this post short? Can’t…seem…to stop…typing…really…like…food…

  1. Sherlock’s. (the one at Nakumatt Lifestyle and at Nakumatt Prestige)

Used to have THE BEST masala chips. They don’t now. Didn’t like their food at all back in the day, but the other day I had a burger, and it was aight. You get your money’s worth. And NO MORE NO LESS lol. There are…a LOT of teenagers about on Friday nights, so watch your eating times…

  1. Java. (any. my favourite is the one on Koinange Street. The one at Mama Ngina doesn’t have fries, it has homefries. Um.)

Anytime. Anywhere. I will be the first to admit, I am a Java girl through and through. Their milkshakes. Their burgers. Their garlic bread. Their croissants. The chocolate chip cookie sundae that no one I know can finish by themselves. Not the same day, anyway, lol. (Their specials menu usually sucks though. I had the Java Special Curry, and I can’t cook for sh**, but I could have made it at home. It tasted that bad. LOL.) Kwanza sometimes when they have the raspberry milkshake yawa! Soooo nyummy. My favourite place to eat, because the prices are ok (although they just did a 50 bob hike on each meal, which, I mean, is the way to go about it, unlike…) and I like the food. I have heard a lot of complaints about it though, people get sick a lot. Apparently. Oh wait, that HAS happened to me once before…hm. Still going back. Also, the service can be sketchy. Depends on which Java you’re at (whispers and how many white people come to it). I usually just target my usual waitstaff (HA! Bourgeois, much? Incidentally, that word used to mean working class folk. I read Philip Ochieng. Utajuaje?). Also…yes, he is a paedophile…which is wrong…everyone has flaws? There is no little or big sin? I still love me some Michael? Whichever defense (or none at all) works for you.


p.s. So. Imax is 500 from Monday to Thursday if you have a students ID. thinks of underage friends

p.s. A lassie on Twitter asked me about Greenview. There’s a post on this blog where I talk about my feelings about Greenview. Go to the search nini. :o)

19 thoughts on “Good Eats

  1. We're blessed now? I like. Also, perhaps you could add location for some of us? Like I don't know where Rayan is, or Gari, and now I would like to.

  2. OMG!!!!! my sis, u love u some food!! u should be a concierge at one of those big hotels in nai. next time i am in the country, u have to take me to all these spots!!!!

  3. tSN this is the best post ive read this year n i read it at 4 in th morning:-):-):-) wawawa!!!
    being a huge fun i guess this is the right post to ask…can i take u out???:-P

  4. that chocolate chip milkshake from Java…:-) sometimes that is the ONLY thing I order from there coz it's so darn filling! but amazing:)

  5. I won't complain about that fact that tao is a little useless to some of us. But, well…ok. Ahh Savanah and their warm milkshakes and lacking aircon, I can't. But Java is full of LSB waitresses, but why do you tolerate them?
    Ahhhh, Hongs, I don't need town:)p.s. way to not give credit to who sent you there:p

  6. Aki Abba. Whadaya want from me?

    Savanna, you just have to know what to order. I just realized, I haven't done Noma!! Anyhue…

    Java, the nice ones are the skinny guys and the chunky ones. :o) Just put them in their places a few times and you'll be fine…also, to be fair, there ARE a few nice LSBs…

    Hong's! You brought me there, you wonderful woman. YOU! But noooow, imagine Yaya is not central, gosh.

  7. Usd to penda d veg pilau at ankara vry much,n oh yes tried dea pizza vry afordable n nicely done wn d place ws stl new.oh n dea marble cake 4 a hundrd bob ud nvr finish.memories mmh as 4 chicking dnt knw wt hapend al agree wt u price went up dble,but do luv d ingokho once in a whyl whenvr i thnk kuku (confesion of a luhya). tehehe.whatevr hapnd to dancing spoon think they wa the first to shoot up d prices yet had awesm samosa n mango juice. so am yet to try rayan..

  8. guess what tSN… so apparently thez some blog awards coming up n the bloody buggers didnt get u nominated!! weve already launched a petition but wanted to get ur approval:-P:-)??

  9. I went to the Mug once, and I swore on Grim's ass to never return.
    Worst. Carrot cake. Ever.

    And, well, the service just got swallowed up in that whole experience.

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