Movie Review: The Boss Baby

It’s better than Moana, but not as good as Storks – starring Alec Baldwin, Jimmy Kimmel, Tobey Macguire The Boss Baby imagines a world where babies are either sent into families, or sent into management. Baby management involves very many important things, such as making sure formula is intact and sharpening crayons,and of course, my […]


Film: Deadpool

Deadpool is a perfect movie. Hands down, the best one I have seen this year, in terms of perfect entertainment and a blisteringly perfect script. The humour just keeps coming and doesn’t ever stop from beginning to end. The script and comedy are flawless. Ryan Reynolds is sketch gold. The supporting cast are mostly fantastic […]

Film: Ted 2

Ok they should never make sequels ever ever ever. That ┬ásaid, Ted 2 had some genuinely funny laugh-out-loud parts. But they still shouldn’t have made the movie. I am over the teddy bear (I do love Seth McFarlane though. Family Guy remains one of my favourite shows, and A Million Ways to Die in the […]

Film: Batman vs. Robin

I just watched Batman vs Robin, the animation. It has been a while since I have watched anything DC – and by a while, I mean Throne of Atlantis, which made me actually respect Aquaman lol (that, and Khal Drogo – erm, Jason Momoa, acting as him in the next movie. We can try and […]

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