Is it bad to wait to die?

My sweet, My love, Dear heart, My heart – not mine. It doesn’t belong to me any more and I’m not sure if it could belong to you, seeing as you don’t want it. I find myself unable to jump off the building to stop the madness to end it all. My mind refuses to […]


That’s that shit.

When he wants to fuck you but he won’t fight for you? When he’d rather lie to you than trust in you? When he’d rather share his check than share his life with you? That’s the shit that makes you scared of love. When he raises his hand to her instead of holding his future […]

all I can think of

All I can think of is you is you. All love that I dream of is you is you All loving I see All beauty around me all hopes and all wishes are you.   The darkness inside is you is you. The pain that I hide is you is you. The words that I […]


In the quiet of what is left of us Will you still care for us? Will you imagine dragons to beat them for me? When we’re not at the best of us Will you run away from the ugly us Will you run and run until you’re finally free? In the years that come for […]

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