Maybe if I stay very, very still, then the words you’re throwing at me won’t hurt me and I won’t shatter into a zillion pieces because I’m holding myself together. And maybe if I shut my eyes tight enough I won’t see the barbs coming and they won’t catch me and I won’t feel them […]


don’t you

God! don’t you want the person who’ll watch you cry and not be scared? Don’t you want the one who’ll hold you when you need to be held, whether or not they’re prepared? Don’t you want the arms you’ll fit into so well it feels like your bodies were pre-paired ordained to fit into each […]


things I haven’t told you

things I haven’t told you: I cried about us last night and I’m going to tell you maybe after the break up because I don’t want you to realize how in love I was, am. things I haven’t told you: if I keep him, I’m leaving him at your doorstep as soon as they let […]

I want you inside me.

I want you inside me because I want to remember what living feels like right before you die What I think it must feel like to forget everything and everyone that ever made you think anything and be solely focused on a pulsing white light that you didn’t even realize you were reaching for, opening […]

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