So, because jobs are fun, I got to go check out MTV ALL STARS AFRICA…ninio. Y’all know what I’m talking about, don’t be fronting. It was pretty cool, though. Crowded as all hell, started late…but cool. They are trying to promote the district of Kwa Zulu Natal in SA as a tourist party spot, so they had a bunch of SA artists as well, halafu wanaenda Lagos, halafu SA.

Picture time!

I did not get a pic of Emukule…who was the MC…who remains foxy as ever… gets carried away but I did get a few performances…

I love this girl! She’s just…cool. And she has had a baby. And she can SPIT. RHYMES. Like legit, not in the I’m-a-girl-and-I-can-rap-teehee Rah Digga way. Ako na malines. And she was wearing Tims and fishnet stockings. I was starstruck vibaya.

The last time I bothered to watch Camp Mulla perform were TPF4 sijui and they really, really, sucked. But with this particular performance, I think they managed to redeem themselves. And they ended with Party Don’t Stop, which I still think is my favourite hit…all was well that ended well. 😀 Still think Karun has no stage presence whatsoever, but she sings like an angel, so it’s fine.

P-Unit! To me, a million times better than any other units around. I love these boys. I do. Also, they have a techno jam (sijui house sijui -I am not good at those ninios) that they are going to make me like simply because it is them…I mean, listen to these boys. What’s not to like? What’s not to love? FRAAASHAAA!!


p.s. Let me know if the videos play…
p.p.s. Really digging my phone right now.
p.p.p.s. Kanda also performed (is that his name? The guy in the Coke ad?) and he had a white chick for a dance who was, get this, outshining the black one. He! And STL has a new hypeman. Who I don’t like. But she can be as bad as she wants to be, right?

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