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Dear Reader,

Akello means ‘I bring’ or ‘I have brought’ in my mother tongue, Dholuo. With this collection of 83 poems, I bring you into my world of words and general cohesive madness. The poems are about love and life; themes most people can relate to. Unless you are dead, or horrible. Enjoy.


Praise for Akello:

“This book is punctuated with metaphors and vivid imagery that arouse a full spectrum of emotions, ranging from passion and rage to admiration.”
Sunday Nation Newspaper

“While her debutante offering may seem naughty and rebellious by taking poetic license one step too far, her writing feels bridled…as she experiments and attempts to come into her own, she promises to be prolific. This young author is one to watch and from her chrysalis may emerge a butterfly so iridescent we’ll be amazed.”
Kei on Daily Nation Online

“Akello has a sort of musical lilt to the way it’s written. Abigail’s style has an element of mystery in the metaphors that she’s used to create a collection that both perplexes and astounds the reader. I recommend this for anyone interested in contemporary poetry from Kenya.”
Up Nairobi

“Akello covers a wide range of notions and the raw feelings experienced on a romantic rollercoaster.”
-Drum Magazine

“It is sensual. It is raw…it is the kind of book you curl up with only to find yourself sitting upright somehow having levitated.”
-Couture Africa

“When Abby is in her element, when she is unhinged, she has a refreshing turn of phrase. You will see that frequently in this book where she sees life through the aged prism of love.”

“You can tell from reading her blog, poetry or any of her numerous literary works: she leaves a little bit of herself in each piece.”
Little Bird Kenya

A collection of exquisitely executed work
Eric Onyango (RixPoet)

“Akello is a brilliant collection of poems about something and somewhere we have all been in; love. If you say you are or have been in love, and then read this book Akello and yet it does not leave a stink in your face, or a fire in your chest, or if does not make your soul shut its eyes for a moment, then you need to stop lying.”
Magunga Williams

6 thoughts on “Akello – Book of Poetry

  1. Akello,
    Happy to red some of your poems. I am looking forward to buying 2 books, one for me and one for a friend and colleague of fine who is also a poet but still “afraid” of publishing. I would like you to please sign both books. For her book, you can write a motivational sentence nudging her to publish and to continue writing poetry. If this is okay with you, I can send the money (for the books and for delivery to me at Rhapta road Westlands) to you or the number you use for Mpesa transactions. Please let me knw if this works and how much I need to send for the 2 books.

    If need be you can reach me at 0722635345


  2. Oh wow! I would LOVE to read this. Are there specific bookstores in Nairobi that sell your book? I would prefer a hard copy to a Kindle version, I look forward to hearing back from you and congratulations on this success!

  3. Hi Akello. I am new to you website and I must say, your thoughts are very inspiring. Kindly can you share how I can get a copy of “Akello – Book of Poetry”

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