Akello – Book of Poetry

Dear Reader, Akello┬ámeans ‘I bring’ or ‘I have brought’ in my mother tongue, Dholuo. With this collection of 83 poems, I bring you into my world of words and general cohesive madness. The poems are about love and life; themes most people can relate to. Unless you are dead, or horrible. Enjoy. Praise for Akello: […]

Because I am famous and because I have said so, so it shall be.

Nothing like a teency,weency mention from Bikozulu to make me famous (again), ha. Ah, Biko. So good to me. Lol. WELCOME, NEWBIES! Yes, because I know you’re there. Yes, Blogger.com has stats that show me up-to-the-minute…um…stats…about who you are, what browser you’re using to find me and what search words you used to do so. […]

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