This Bothering Me About My World

I heartily approve of women defending themselves. I sleep with a knife next to my bed (inspired by @chichikimani,who carries a blunt knife in her bag, because wounds from blunt knives heal slower. shivers) and a lighter next to the knife, and a Doom can next to the lighter. Be very sure. As @aprettygirlblog once said, it makes no sense to have to fight so hard for something that is YOURS that someone is trying to take from you (but I paraphrase). Because let’s be fair, the odds are unfair. Stacked, is the word I’m looking for. Hence, the knife, etc.

The other day, I sent my boy to buy me mace because I felt it was time to take this a notch higher. Yes, I could just take karate lessons, but I am lazy above most else, so mace seemed like the next best thing. Apparently, one cannot buy mace in other countries without sijui a letter from the government. Even in that country. Someone needs to tell me what the big deal is…because now I have to take karate lessons. Or start carrying the Doom next to my bed in my bag.

Things that bother me, number 1. Number 2: My old high school has started having classes every day till 5:30. Every day. AND. Get this. On Saturdays from 8 to 4. (which is really making me wonder how the Adventists are coping.) (Which could possibly lead into another debate about how high schools are about equality and everyone is supposed to be equal hence the point of the uniform, and no one should get special treatement, but that’s bullshit. No one is equal anymore. My uniform may be uniform, but it may be newer than yours. You might carry more grub than me. I may be better at academics. I may have asthma and have to sit out on jogging and cross country etc. THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS EQUALITY, except in death. So if death is the great equalizer, nay, the ONLY equalizer…you should let me go to church when I feel I need to go to church. And let Wakorinos (sp) wear their turbans. And vegetarians should get a special diet. Yes, I just lumped religion, disease and death into one pretty little package. WOW, but I digress.)

It gets worse. They ALSO have class on Sundays. After chapel. From 1 to 4.

Who the hell thinks this stuff up? I would die if I went to a high schol like that. Die inside. I already felt like I was dying inside when I was THERE, damnit. What happened to childhood? (Answer: 8-4-4 happened to childhood. insert choice lyrical eye-watering expletives) Like being in class all the damn time guarantees an A. Like I won’t go mad, and/or shut down completely (like when I was reading A Million Little Pieces during KCSE. Nah, that wasn’t a shut down. I really wanted to read it, ha. So sad that it was so good but not true! Not sadder than Oprah though, ha.), because it DOES get to that point where you just…won’t, anymore.

Education ruins children. I’m not having any for it to ruin. (Ha! I jest. There are just SO MANY MORE reasons. Lol.) Either you like books, or you don’t. Either you’re good at it…or you’re not. Like teachers care to find out anymore! Ok, let me rephrase that. Many do not. Many want the grade, and who cares about the essence of the child getting it. Aaaah, so many things wrong with our system. I think I must stop now.


p.s. Passed by the Imax cinema. It’s a k a movie. Not bad, I suppose. Waiting for Batman or the Avengers, because I really do not care about the Wrath of the Titans. Right?

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12 thoughts on “This Bothering Me About My World

  1. ahhh, everything is relative meow? cool story Abi. But do carry a doom in your purse. and don't let us send any of our kids to 8-4-4 because they are obvs just brimming with shit.

  2. I was tempted to go for Wrath of the Titans. Temptation ignored successfully 😀 ION, doom? Isn't it awkward to light? I heard Baygon lights quicker…

  3. Ati wrath of the titans. Heaven help us! Why would they start with that idiotic movie when The Hunger Games is already out? Who makes those decisions? Why do they make such decisions? Do they hate us that much? What did we ever do to them? Cows!

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