Certain things make me weak at the knees. Chocolate men wearing loafers who are bald and have accents…or just chocolate men. Chocolate delicacies, like a Snickers bar. A good book at a great deal (just bought the ENTIRE Chronicle of Narnia series for a sock. Mind = blown, and, well, knickers…). Good food. A fantastic beach. A backrub. The little things.

The little things can also be the vices. I like to eat, and I do it a lot, and I do it well. I may not do it too healthily though. I like money (like everyone). And so the other day I found myself standing by those Kenya Charity Sweepstakes stands and looking at one ticket longingly. One of my boys was with me and he decided he can be the money and I can be the good luck charm. We lost a sock, but won 6 sock. I am not sure this is going to end well.


p.s. Happy New Year.

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