The Dark.

Remember when I wanted you to save me?
Remember when the only thing that could have made that night better was your arms, and even in my sorrow, in my storm, I knew that me wrapped around you would quiet my mind. Would calm me.

And I know you’re not supposed to be thinking about saving yourself or meshing your skin with his when something inside you is dying and the whole world is bearing witness to the rain. The end of the reign.
Like laughter at a funeral.
Maybe I couldn’t stop the thoughts because I wanted you. Because maybe I needed you. Because maybe that’s when it ended – when I gave in and gave me to you. When you became my remedy. Do not pass Go. Do not collect 200. Do not think you belong to someone anymore. Do not think you have control. I lost control. But I think I lost it gladly.

Remember when I needed you to save me?
Remember when you did?

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