don’t you

God! don’t you want the person who’ll watch you cry and not be scared? Don’t you want the one who’ll hold you when you need to be held, whether or not they’re prepared? Don’t you want the arms you’ll fit into so well it feels like your bodies were pre-paired ordained to fit into each […]

The Dark.

Remember when I wanted you to save me? Remember when the only thing that could have made that night better was your arms, and even in my sorrow, in my storm, I knew that me wrapped around you would quiet my mind. Would calm me. And I know you’re not supposed to be thinking about […]


She said: When you want something badly enough, you forget its flaws. In fact, the deceit of desire lies in its ability to make you think that nothing else matters and nothing else exists. By the time you open up your legs to be its whore, you’re not using protection. By the time he got […]

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