The Crises of Faith

…number 1 being,a lot of the time,the hardest bit for me of church is deciding what to wear. Many a Sabbath morning (at least once a week :D) is spent going through my closet in frustration,wishing that I was some other religion that allows trousers to church. Loose ones,honest. I’m a sandals-and-linen cleavage-baring hippie,so dressing/covering up always proves a bit tricky,forget staying awake during the sermon. And I don’t like heels,but women in my church? Oh,they definitely like heels. Even Stripper Heels. You know the kind-impossibly high,sometimes too shiny for the daytime and the ones you’d best be driving for,unless you’re just masochistic/have a high threshold for pain (and back problems in your old age). Although,I suppose that’s more of a Crisis of Wardrobe than a Crisis of Faith. See how I did that? 😀

It must be so much pressure to be a Pastor’s kid. I was thinking about it today. Actually,religion,generally is a lot of pressure. I went to a Christian school at some point in my childhood,and I used to wonder what life was like for the teachers’ kids (who were usually missionaries,etc) at home. Rebellion wasn’t just a normal teenage act-it was SIN. Way worse,no? I dunno,I just feel,religion,for those who are not necessarily with the program,can cause undue-or due,depending on which side you’re on-stress. Pastors kids moreso,seeing as everyone knows who you are,and people kind of expect you to be a bad seed,cave not to,but because of,the pressures.

The worst for me,though,is those who preach water and drink wine. (oh look! A line from a primary school composition.) I’d rather you not claim to be religious/spiritual,than claim it and then live completely different to what you say you are. At least be honest with yourself. If you’re a lying,cheating,conniving bitch,have the decency to be that way. To thine own (bitchy) self be true and all that. Christianity,and indeed,most forms of structured religion,are really no joke. It’s a conscious and monumental decision. Because the person you portray may be what leads people to whoever you serve. Religious folk don’t really have a good record with that,hard not to notice. Gandhi once said that he would’ve been Christian if it wasn’t for the Christians. I can dig it.


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