don’t you

God! don’t you

want the person who’ll watch you cry and not be scared?

Don’t you

want the one who’ll hold you when you need to be held, whether or not they’re prepared?

Don’t you

want the arms you’ll fit into so well it feels like your bodies were


ordained to fit into each other like gloves, like


Aren’t you looking for something to make the music in you




one who never knows what happiness their smile could possibly bring, the

one who won’t think you’re crazy every time your feelings sting, and the

cold of the world’s embrace freezes your heart like a steel trap sling, the

one you don’t have to explain every thought in your eyes to, because

they can read it in your heartbeat and they can feel it too, the

only person whose reflection is a mirror and a portal

a passageway to peace for your soul, mind and body, through and through

is the person you are looking for


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