Book: The Defining Decade

I just read The Defining Decade, whose tagline is ‘Why your twenties matter and how to make the most of them now’ by Meg Jay, PhD. I don’t normally do a lot of self now’s reading (read at all), but my sister-in-law recommended this one to me and I’m going to choose to believe that […]


Film: Solace

The first movie I watched this year was Solace. Yes. I’m just as surprised as you are. And, I STILL haven’t watched the new Star Wars movie. I am STILL stuck on Episode V. So, give me time. Solace features Anthony Hopkins, quite possibly my favourite villain of all time (I love and fear him […]

Food: OhCha Noodle Bar

I keep saying I am going to write this post about OhCha Noodle Bar, but I really feel like the pictures speak better for it than I will. OhCha is located on the ground floor of Westgate Mall in Westlands, and are expanding into outside seating areas, having already started doing deliveries. They also have […]

Music: Live and Die in Afrika – Sauti Sol

Finally! The third album from Sauti Sol (and my review) is here. And it is not only beautiful because the album is beautiful and classically done – in one of my favourite themes, the royalty of African people – and not just because you can get the album in limited edition materials like wood – but also […]

Film: Pan

Meh. Meh. Pan didn’t impress me or move me or give me an intriguing look into the history of one of my childhood’s favourite rebels or capture my imagination or portray any aspects of anything differently except possibly for the fact that it is indeed possible to be bored of Hugh Jackman on screen. Hugh […]

Film: Mockingjay

Don’t read this if you liked the movie Mockingjay. Don’t bother with the movie if you loved the books. Don’t bother with this review if you liked the last movies. So I loved the Hunger Games books. I think Suzanne Collins is great and everyone should be reading her stuff instead of E. L. James. […]

Film: Black Mass

Now, on the basis of being in love with Johnny Depp and everything he does, I’m already biased towards Black Mass. Johnny Depp plays a Bostonian mobster with a convincing accent who goes really rapidly from a small time racketeer to a big violent boss. Based on a true story, it tracks exactly how he […]

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