all I can think of

All I can think of is you is you. All love that I dream of is you is you All loving I see All beauty around me all hopes and all wishes are you.   The darkness inside is you is you. The pain that I hide is you is you. The words that I […]


In the quiet of what is left of us Will you still care for us? Will you imagine dragons to beat them for me? When we’re not at the best of us Will you run away from the ugly us Will you run and run until you’re finally free? In the years that come for […]

I thought I told you

I’m not the normal needy girlfriend; I thought I told you this before. I’m the one who’ll panic when you don’t text me back in an hour, automatically thinking you’re dead and how the hell am I going to tell your mother. I’m the type who will be cut too deep every time you say […]

love can will kill you

Love can kill you, easy. She hides behind this veneer of sacrifice and selflessness but in reality she’ll take everything you have to give without blinking. And tell you not to be a monkey about it. You become selfless because you don’t have a self anymore. You start to care more about this person than […]


Here is how it happens.

Here is what happens when people take each other for granted. At the beginning all is love and roses, skipping through sunflower fields, until commitment checks in and you think no one can leave. And since you think no one can leave, you feel like you’re entitled to everything that the other person is choosing […]

broken city

It’s all broken. I’m all broken. Tried to fix it But I can’t. Can’t re-fix it Can’t remix it Can’t, and you won’t I just can’t. Tried to keep this Love alive Tried to bear it Tried to thrive Can’t build it in a day Like Rome Can’t build it alone.  

who else

But when you kiss me and the world stops and I wonder why you stop and I think I’m being greedy but who else am I supposed to be greedy for; who am I supposed to constantly want if not the lips I wake up to and fall asleep to and dream to and sing […]

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