You know, if all our crushes acted in real life the way they do on screen, it would be much easier to maintain the crush. For instance, I have been avoiding a couple of interviews from Black Panther. I mean sure, Black Panther aka a now tired Chadwick Boseman is the star of Black Panther, […]

Thor Poster - Akello

Movie Review: Thor Ragnarok

Let’s be honest; after Thor: The Dark World, there was really nowhere to go back up. That ham-fisted depiction of a superhero torn between two worlds held in place by a girl is overdone. If you’re going to do the same story again, you had best do it better, or at least with a modicum […]

Film: Haywire and The Bourne Legacy

Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. So, Haywire showed SUCH promise. A movie with several just fantastic actors: Michael Douglas (Romancing the Stone – as I thus age myself. But that was a great movie). Antonio Banderas (Desperado, Puss in Boots, The Mask of Zorro…shwi shwi SHWI!), Michael Fassbender (Prometheus, X-Men: First Class. […]

Film: TDKR

I couldn’t find the poster I liked. But this one will definitely do. So Tom Hardy’s accent does not sound fake in this. In fact, I cannot place what it sounds. It was, like, Russian, with a tinge of Middle Easter clipped English slathered with British influences. I dunno what the hell was going on […]

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