I am writing a show.

Send me your cv and a non-slutty (i.e. one that shows you want to act not model. Not that all models are slutty, of course) picture (i.e. NOT THIS:


of you so I can see if I want you in it, to

Please remember that I am judgy.



p.s. Does a slutty (or, friendly,) girl in the post make it PG? I should have thought about this at the beginning, huh.

14 thoughts on “CASTING CALL

  1. Not an aspiring actress…or model…but if you're interested in co-writers, please keep us posted! What genre is the show?

  2. I see no problem with that actress right there. She can star in my show any time. Based on what I see, she can act a storm. I'd give her like 22million parts in my show.

    You can see why no one in their right mind would make me a director, producer, show runner or have me do anything related to anything anywhere near their show. A 25km restraining order should do the trick.

    My award winning script would run thus. Sitting model stands up. Sitting model proceeds to sit down. (Repeat to end of the show). That's how you become an awe inspiring director/producer/writer/showrunner/whateverelsetitletheheadhonchosgivethemselves. You also make a truck load of monies.

    …and yeah, you should have carried a warning at the start of the blog about the picture. My gentle sensibilities are offended. 😉

  3. Sooo…and Im just thinking out loud here, whatever will you do with the unwanted but still received slutty pictures? Foward them to a certain wandering soul perhaps?

  4. oh maaaan!!!! Just realised that the graphics for this blog float over the orange background…just like in 'Chowder' where the patterns on the clothes are not static.

    P.S – Don't diss Chowder. It had the specialest place in my heart until The Amazing World of Gumball came along and became my number 1 cartoon. Gumball rocks!!! I'm shutting up now.

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