I like to think of myself as a great traveller. I think my body is the ultimate travelling machine. I have never missed a flight if the factors were within my control (Chicago traffic, screw you). My stomach senses when a food trolley is near, and wakes me up if I’m sleeping. I don’t know […]

Yes, I’m still writing about breakups, so there’s that

No one kind of gives you a heads up that breakups might break you but if they don’t break you they might kill you but also if they don’t kill you they might kill something inside you that you refuse to wake up anywhere else except when you’re alone – actually sometimes even when you’re […]

You never think

You never think that there will come a day when you will forget how he once clutched your molten soul between his fingers and squeezed. He bled Your Gold out over your naked body and thought it a masterful watercolour. It was a death. Your soul was all over you and you couldn’t collect the […]


I am writing a show. Send me your cv and a non-slutty (i.e. one that shows you want to act not model. Not that all models are slutty, of course) picture (i.e. NOT THIS: ) of you so I can see if I want you in it, to Please remember that I am judgy. […]

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