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1. I’m an introvert

2. I hate my height

3. I have big feet

4.I touch myself

5. I am Obsessive compulsive when it comes to my water bottle. I always

have it even when I move from room to room.

6. I’m smart (okay men, its out in the open, you can officially run for the


7. I love to hate love

8. I like Nigerian movies (yes this is me depleting my comical reservoirs)

9. I’m kinder and more empathetic than I care to be.

10. I’m not a fan of poetry unless it reads like prose

11. I am very, very, very (notice the 3 very’s?) physically fit

Questions from AkelLove

1.What country have you always wanted to go to?

Spain, my ex and I said we’d go there on holiday because we both speak Spanish

and then shit happened. South Africa would be nice

2. Do you believe in the traditional sense of heaven and hell (harps, angels,

brimstone, wailing and gnashing of teeth)? Discuss (lol)

I don’t. I understand its function into scaring people into religion but I don’t

believe in hell. I do believe in heaven however.

3. What is your favourite book/author?

Up until 2 seconds ago it was Francine Rivers until she disappointed me

with “And the shofer blew”. It was overly religious and unrealistic of feminine

wiles. I am currently searching frantically to fill this gap.

4. What did you think of Avengers?

I didn’t

5. What New Year’s resolution have you actually kept?

Lose weight, get your CPL (Commercial Pilots Licence), Save more money…..need

I continue. I’m very good at keeping new years resolutions, I do however think

that they are stupid; they are also a set up for failure.

6. Where is the best place to kiss? (Interpret that as you will ;o) :D)

In the bathroom! Ha! I really don’t know what this means. Anyway, in the spirit

of interpretation, I like being kissed on the side of my mouth and other places

where it probably wouldn’t constitute as a kiss anymore…….. if you know what I

mean 😉

7. What’s the last thing you ate?

Chewing gum

8. How many people know your deepest, darkest secret?


9. Do you do charity work?

More than my fair share

10.Do you have a tattoo, and of what?

Fastforward to July yes I do, I don’t know of what yet :-/

11.What is the biggest lie you have ever told?

“So we have this huge house, and there’s a water slide from my bedroom to the

pool!” It’s the biggest lie because 15 years later I still remember saying it.

My 11 questions

1. What do you think of Apple products?

2. What is truth?

3. Do you think I’m sexy?

4. Do you believe in perfect altruism?

5. What do you think about bloggers?

6. Do you believe in an after life?

7. Do you like sex?

8. Do you think the Kenyan education system is geared toward keeping

Kenyan minds colonized to create a nation of slaves?

9. Are you into extreme sports, if so which ones?

10. What comes first, colour or light?

11. What do you think is the purpose of this exercise?













2 thoughts on “By @ntawi…

  1. …i like Nigerian movies…*readies self for flight*
    …i am smart…*rushes to the hills*
    …speak spanish…*hides behind thick crevices*
    …commercial pilots licence…*puts a karai on head*
    …very very very physically fit…*steadies breath to avoid getting noticed*

    That's a hell of a thingy collection you have right there.

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