ugly babies

Apparently it is a taboo to write about ugly babies. Every time I say that is going to be my next blogpost, someone looks at me like I’m the Devil Incarnate (which, obviously, is a complement – everyone knows that Jesus was an average looking muscly chap, and Lucifer was a…handsome devil. Fine as hell. ROTFL) and asks why I would do that to someone.

Do WHAT to someone, though? It’s not like I am going around telling people arbitrarily that their babies look like little pink rats (in all fairness, no baby, except the Y Dowedoit baby, Ethan, looks adorable when they’re born. Or maybe I just haven’t seen one yet). I wouldn’t do that. I’m not that far gone.

I just want people to admit that not every baby, or puppy, or kitten, or small baby thing has to be cute. Because they’re not. And, it’s ok. They grow into their faces eventually. Mostly. And, you’re not a terrible person. Cuteness, like musical preference, is subjective. Aaaaand, to make you feel better about it, I even have a line to help you out, that my cousin, who is a paediatrician, uses every time she doesn’t want to comment on the baby’s appearance (after I finally got her to admit that in fact there is such a thing as a not immediately attractive child) – when the parent asks you, ‘Isn’t she beautiful?’, you smile and say ‘She looks just like you.’ ¬†Which is what parents really want, isn’t it?

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