today I
made a valiant effort to exhaust the quota of how many times I’m supposed to say I love you and I surpassed it but it didn’t feel like enough
As you can see
I’m a star student

I woke up to you and you fell asleep to me and inbetween those two instances we napped together in an intimacy molded by
lying next to each other dreaming each other’s dreams.

Twitter a girl said she isn’t scared to love with her whole self and handle because heartbreak hasn’t broken her before but me? It has broken me (each one in specific and spectacular ways)

today, when I wished for everything with you and from you, knowing full well that
either of us or our exes could ruin this, or, death,
I believed it. I bought into our dreams and I ignored a tomorrow in which you might hurt me
Just so I could hold you and love you completely today.

today I

loved you.

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