things I haven’t told you

things I haven’t told you: I cried about us last night and I’m going to tell you maybe after the break up because I don’t want you to realize how in love I was, am. things I haven’t told you: if I keep him, I’m leaving him at your doorstep as soon as they let […]


I have no time to be lied to by you.

I have no time to be lied to by you.  If you want me, want me, fiercely, wholly, under a thick spotlight of truth.  If you need me, say so, often.  If you want forever, then fucking commit.  If you want our dreams to be ours, forge them with me with magic and the harsh […]

An Essay on Love

So here’s my question. If everyone is so obsessed with finding love, making movies about love, writing songs about love, talking about love, analyzing love, sometimes even stalking love…- if everyone wants to fall in love so much, why is it so hard to then? I mean, logic dictates that if there’re a bunch of […]

The Mr. T. Chronicles : Chapter 1- The Beginning

It was a dark, stormy night.* Fortunately, I was inside a warm living room*, sipping on a glass of semi-glamorous and entirely sober Alvaro*. Those loose, unnecessary cover-ups that are an excuse to get together and drink. For my other friends, of course.* It had been a pleasant evening. Ribald jokes, lewd humor and good […]

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