Food: Alexandre’s

I haven’t done a food post in a while because brokeness but one must always hope that other people will give you money or invite you to shit that has free food, amirite? #theFoodiePrayer So I went to Alexandre’s last week. I have reviewed Alexandre’s before – I had a really hard-bunned sandwich (while under […]

Dear Art Caffe

ArtCaffe is one of my favourite restaurants. I have said it before and I will say it again – their pastries are pretty much incomparable, and their French toast with mascarpone cheese and strawberry jam (650 – in the featured image) is one of the most sinfully delightful things I have ever had the joy […]

A perfect milkshake

There’s something beautiful about finding something you have been longing for – and the long search is over. Java and I have a love-hate relationship. It used to lean more to love – back when they would let me sit and wait for my friends with nothing but a glass of water in front of […]

Volume 2

He took me to JavaWe had cake.I wondered if the fact that neither of us could finish our slices was indicative of a relationshipdwindlingthat we now had to take away.The waitress eyed us, egging us on to LEAVE ALREADY BECAUSE I HAVEN’T HAD SEX IN 4 WEEKS DAMNIT AND MICHAEL IS COMING OVERShe took the […]

News and New Things

There’s a weird kind of getting used to people part of new relationships with anyone when they start. Like, when you came screaming out of your mother’s vagina, that was you acclimatizing to the fact that life will not always be a warm, cushy, jacuzzi-like setting (oh, how life lessons start early) and your momma […]

Food: Urban Coffee

It takes a combination of balls and stupidity to open up your coffee/cafe thingummy right next to a franchise that has been doing what you are trying to do for years. This is either chutzpah, or you are dumb. I am yet to decide. Urban Coffee is at Capital Centre, the corner before you turn […]

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