broken city

It’s all broken. I’m all broken. Tried to fix it But I can’t. Can’t re-fix it Can’t remix it Can’t, and you won’t I just can’t. Tried to keep this Love alive Tried to bear it Tried to thrive Can’t build it in a day Like Rome Can’t build it alone.  

We are heavy.

Ah, my heart is heavy so heavy. It sits like a fat Turkish lord Overbearing, with studded rings and opulence spilling flesh I still need onto a carpeted floor. Your heart is heavy? says the earth, whispering to me as she cradles my pieces Think how many feet have trod on me in battles, feet […]

It won’t be the same

It won’t be the same. It will probably never be. Your heart will still beat for him, but to a different beat. A comforting one. Too comfortable.   When he looks at you, he won’t see perfection. He’ll see the role you fit into now, for him, and it’ll break you a little, every time. […]

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