Do advertisements actually work on people? I wonder at the psychology behind constant advertising sometimes. I am not sure how much I buy off of a super enthusiastic bad actor selling me a product on TV. In fact, I am more likely to buy something because someone I know or someone I like/trust tells me […]

NTK basis

Hey, Lover, I just want you to know that sometimes I crave you and I can’t get enough of your chocolate skin and it makes me (ever so) slightly unreasonable. I just want you to know that I ask you why you love me because if I know the reason, then I can keep doing […]


I thought about accepting her friend request. I did. But I didn’t understand why I should. And the type of person I am calls for logic – tell me why I am doing something before I do it. I am not good at following blindly, which is why my religious walk ended so abruptly. (though […]

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