Film: Pan

Meh. Meh. Pan didn’t impress me or move me or give me an intriguing look into the history of one of my childhood’s favourite rebels or capture my imagination or portray any aspects of anything differently except possibly for the fact that it is indeed possible to be bored of Hugh Jackman on screen. Hugh […]

Book: Do you remember the first time? by Jenny Colgan

I saw this book in the street and I simply could not resist buying it for a highly competitive pricing of 50 shillings. I used to read Jenny Colgan in my childhood, and it was like a blast from a romanticized hormone filled past. I don’t know if Miz Colgan writes anymore, but this is […]

Tales of Childhood, 2.

When I was young, I never needed anyone. HA! NOT the Celine Dion song (which Pia sang, who was eliminated from American Idol this season. sorrow). This is the tSN post. Back to business. In the 4th grade (around the same time as the catfight), my homeroom teacher was a fiery spinster called Ms. Smith. […]

In a perfect world…

I grew up on the sugar-coated idealism that was Sweet Valley High. In that world,your parents were your best friends and your biggest worries were what to wear for Lila Fowler’s Halloween party. That was not,however the case for me. Both my parents are pastor’s children. Though the pressure to be an upright,morally inclined human […]

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