on disappointment

I feel far too tired to comment on Black Panther today, but hopefully during the week, Emmanuel, I’ll have the energy to write a thesis about it. Because that’s what it must be, really. A thesis.

That being said, the accents heavily disappointed me to the point that when I see any memes of Forrest Whitaker sitiripppin de PAWA of de BLEK PENTA aWAY I want to wail and beat my chest in African discontent (you have to put African in there, or else it isn’t real)

I suppose I expected more of an industry that has speech coaches. I clearly expected wrong.

But what does one do after that type of expectation and disappointment? It’s almost always too late to say sorry. The movie is out, and now we’re waiting for A Wrinkle in Time and Infinity War; the latter, more to see how many superheroes are going to die because there’s no way they’re all getting enough screen time to get to the end of the movie, as it isn’t a series like Fast and Furious.

Or is it?

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