when I hate writing

What a great first post of the year.
The irony here is of course that I’m just trying to avoid the three writing assignments that I took on with almost no intention of doing them on time.

I hate writing when I have a deadline. Some of the best stuff comes out when I have a deadline though. Some of the best creations. It’s like the motivation – it isn’t motivation, it’s fear of losing a job, stronger than any adrenaline, they need to bottle that ish up and sell it to disenfranchised creatives everywhere – pumps through my veins like battery acid and brings up hitherto forgotten vocabulary and finesse. It reminds me of when you’re broke and all of a sudden you become super resourceful, thinking of things you would have never thought of during times of prosperity, like ‘carpooling’ and ‘Mshwari.’

I hate writing when I think my creativity is being stifled. I’ve been pretty lucky in my writing career, in that people pretty much take what I give them. It’s pretty good. But sometimes – like right now, ie the assignment I’m avoiding – these people literally want me to write like what people used to write like in class 7. You know what I mean. As happy as a king. Happy as a lark. Similies and idiocies I never bothered to learn because I never needed to. The regression is chafing at me. I hate writing when I’m being paid to write badly.

I’ve literally tried to get at least four people to rewrite this thing for me, but no cigar. I even offered money. Natsin. So now. I guess. After I finish this post. I’m actually going to have to write this shit.


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