Hello, 2015

The New Year has begun, and already it feels like it is moving too fast. I mean…we’re on DAY FOUR already. What is that?

My year has begun in a way that is making me miss my sweet old paycheck. Maybe it is time to be serious and/or take on another job. BECAUSE I need more money. BECAUSE today morning I woke up and I had a FLAT TYRE.

Now, I am those ones who have no idea what to do with such interruptions to a morning. So Otis, Jomo and Slevin were summoned.

We took the tyre to the petrol station where they said that it had too many punctures and I would have to buy a new one. For 15k.

Ain’t nobody got 15k in Jan. Ok, I don’t have 15k in Jan. And it is never a good idea to get only one new tyre. So that bill is about 30k (if one buys Pirelli. I’m sure the cheaper ones aren’t ati faaaar. Maybe 20k. Which I still don’t have. Lol.) Then the guy says they can put in a (tube?) but they don’t have the ones for my size of tyres. So I am thinking of getting used tyres. Costs less. Options are slim. Hence the new job need.

Moral of the story: I have been entering all these sweepstakes so I win something. The Cadburys Cadbury World one. The Nakumatt Win a Car one. The ones on the street in the little yellow kiosks (KE-nya Charity Sweepstakes. KE-nya Charity Sweeeeepstakes). And more recently, Bonyeza Ushinde. Anything I win I can sell for rubbers.



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