Film: Southpaw

Southpaw wasn’t bad – and to be honest, I kind of expected it to be.

I mean there was a lot of things that were not going well for it. First off, people are still letting 50 Cent act. Yuck. (I know, I know. I should give Power another chance. Ala but why. Yech.) Second, another heartfelt boxing movie about a fighter down on his luck. Yawn. And third – Forest I-Can’t-Do-A-Ugandan-Accent-To-Save-My-Life Whitaker. I’ve never forgiven him for The Last King Of Scotland. Same way I will never forgive Jennifer Hudson for Winnie. I was just like…


But, on the recommendation of D.od, once again, I tried it out. It wasn’t too shabby. I mean, one can never doubt the versatility of as good an actor as Jake Gyllenhal. The man is a chameleon who is fantastic to watch. Sure, Nightcrawler was a little weird – but believable. Brokeback Mountain – need I say more? I tend to think JakeyBoy is a smidge underrated. The kid who plays his daughter is very good. This is saying a lot because usually I can’t with child actors. I know how that sounds. I’m going to leave it there anyway. And Rachel McAdams, of course, I could watch all day. So…regardless of the complete cheese of a storyline, and the fact that I can only hear half of what everyone is saying, Gyllenhall, McAdams and the kid made the story worth the watch, right down to the satisfying and predictable end – which is not a bad thing. It gets a 6 out of 10 from me.

Hint: 50 just plays everything 50’s face looks like it would be playing. Snore.

p.s. I would have forgotten to do this review if it wasn’t for Austine Arnold. Thank you! Also…I am so behind. I am too lazy to do Minions. Aki it was so boring gakiiiii.

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