Film: Hot Pursuit

What a waste of all my time.

Hot Pursuit is a silly movie that clearly shows that Reese Witherspoon has almost no comedic acting chops (and she did used to – it’s quite sad, really) and Sofia Vergara is finally making really bad choices in her career. However, unlike Witherspoon, Vergara can still make a movie bearable. In summary, watching this movie and making it were all bad decisions.

Vergara plays a Colombian trophy wife set to testify against a big drug lord whose husband gets shot in the process of getting her to witness protection. The person who is supposed to get her there? A bumbling semi-rookie cop with a sad story and ‘a lot to prove’, played by Witherspoon.

Yawn. There’s a super weak romance thrown in for nothing’s sake, a cute black man (who is hitting on the white girl – LIES) and a…sorry, fell asleep typing that. I think my first hint should have been that it was rated 8 on Rotten Tomatoes. Which I don’t normally pay attention to. Then again, I’ve never seen EIGHT.

The trailer is more exciting than the movie because it has all the good bits, so…

Sorry, fell asleep again. Now going to sleep.

(Cold Pursuit. Lukewarm Pursuit. Sleepy Pursuit. Don’t Watch This Crap. Throw Tomatoes At This Crap. All truer titles.)

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