Men are trash! But this post is about dustbins.

There’s a plastic ban in Kenya and hence I cannot keep using my Tuskys takeaway plastics to throw away trash, because sometimes imagine I try to be a law abiding citizen. So I decided it was time to get one of those taller dustbins, the ones with the flip on the top? so I can put the black trash plastic bags in them and use those instead (yes, all my dustbins have been tiny tubins. Especially in my new building where trash is taken out every day so I don’t even need volume. Size does matter). So I went shopping in town because I figured most people buy things in town and so if anyone has the giraffe of dustbins it’ll be supers in town. (because…volume. Because…size does matter. Hehehe)

Nope. First of all, Tuskys Beba Beba closed? I know, I know. You have the same look on your face the guy we asked across the road did, ha. Tuskys the other one further down was a bit smelly and didn’t have. Neither did the one for Muindi Mbingu, although I can accept that there I was probably asking for too much. That place is the size of Bacchus. Then, well, the next best bet because Naskys (let’s Naku not) isn’t here yet and Uchumi is trailing just over there close, was Carrefour.

Carrefour usually has some really great discounts but fam these guys had nothing for y disposal concerns. Pedals apparently add many thousands to a normal bin. The cheapest one there was 11k. It was super fancy, though, like the Queen Been. (AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA) Like it looked freaking glazed or something, like the cheerful type of unit you would find in an early Meghan Trainor video. They didn’t have any normal ones that were in the style I wanted, and I don’t want a bucket. Who knew bins were so expensive? Who knew life was so expensive? Our parents must have really loved us to not kill us every time we broke something we really didn’t know the value of. If a kid scratched my 11k dustbin, we would both be wailing – me from the pain, and the kid from the pain I’ve inflicted.

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